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Sugar Springs Airport Orientation

Sugar Springs airstrip is a Michigan air strip property jewel tucked away on the northern end of a large golf and water recreation development subdivision in central Michigan. All the home sites around the airstrip have potential for direct runway access, and Google map of the airstrip shows about about half have been developed. Download the 2005 Sugar Springs Community Brochure from the Wiki File Gallery. We're looking to build a stronger pilot community. Contact one of us, and drop by to say hello!

NOAA 5M6 Airport Weather is available (note the ASOS given is for Roscommon County airport, east side of Houghton Lake, 15 miles NW of the airport). provides 0MI1 (old private designation) 5M6 (public use as of 2011) Airport Information.

Airport is at the top of the aerial photo and plat map below:
Image Image

If you're not ready to build a house, all the Highlander II area Sugar Springs lots by the airstrip are setup for easy camping. You could use a tent, but it's a lot more comfortable to put in water, sewer, and electric and bring an RV in for the summer.

Sugar Springs Air Strip Property for Sale

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plat map extract
Mid-field north side of the air strip is shown on Sheet #4
Airstrip properties are shown on a page from the Michigan State plat map library. This page requires JavaScript on your browser. After the page loads with JavaScript enabled, use the on-screen icons to zoom and then page left and right to view sheets 1-9 of the Highlander Realm No. 2 (Map #54196).

Remember, this Increa wiki-lint web page is user editable, so feel free to add your own listing. You can buy/sell property with or without a realtor. Ivie Baker was flexible and understanding when my life and property needs mix. She has an interactive plat map application that runs through your web browser. Alice Moore also has a number of properties listed. Or, drive through the neighborhood and see the FSBOs.
  1. (3/2009) #409 or 490 Highlander Realm, — $1,200 — ~1559 Bunker Hill Court is #409, but sales ad says lot #490, which is north of Highlander Way on the east side. Nice corner lot at the SE end of the runway. Good for camping or building. The lot across the street backs onto the runway. See Sheet 4 of the plat at the the Michigan Plat Map site. Here's a terrain map. This property sold for the asking price within a month of listing.
  2. (5/2010) Lot #381 off the airstrip reduced from 18,900 to $15,500 to $14,900 (8/2011), then to $8,900. This lot has all utilities, well, sewer, electric. Nice pines and split-rail fence at road. MLS 152588 — Lot 381 Bye Way. Alice Moore (989) 430-0966. South Central. Sold for $8,500 Nov 2012.
  3. (11/2012) More listings from Alice Moore:
    • #363 Linksview Way — $7,900 — listing 154146. Southwest side, by proposed public hangars.
    • #369 Linksview Way — $14,900 — listing 157891. Southwest side. By the proposed public hangars.
    • #394 Bye Way — $10,900 — listing 158133. Southeast side.
  4. (5/2013) Culled by web searching

Flight Training Opportunities

If you're interested in learning to fly, currency training, bi-annual flight reviews, or just good flight stories and conversation, stop by! I'm a 2800+ hour military and civilian pilot, and an FAA Certified Flight Instructor for both SEL (complex, and tail wheel) and gliders. I'm also available for Mustang II home-built transition training, and motorglider qualification.

Motorgliders are a low-cost option that works great in mid-Michigan. I'm interested in basing a home built Sonex Aircraft Xenos motorglider. Glider pilot licenses are unique in that you do not need a medical certification to fly, and this may work perfect for the many retired folks settling into Sugar Springs. Motorgliders are a good mix - slow enough to be enjoyed and inexpensive to operate - fast enough for state-wide or regional transportation (~100 mph plus or minus).

Pop me an e-mail!

Airstrip Committee Meetings

Agenda .doc filesMeeting Notes .doc files
5/27/2006 (55 Kb)5/27/2006 (36 Kb)
6/24/2006 (54 Kb)6/24/2006 (49 Kb)
9/2/2006 (63 kB)9/2/2006 (36 Kb)
9/1/2007 (63 Kb)9/1/2007 (45 Kb)
05/26/07 (67 Kb)05/26/07 (43 Kb)
06/23/07 (64 Kb)06/23/07 (41 Kb)
not yet04/26/08 (46 Kb)
not yet04/29/08 (38 Kb)
05/24/08 (68 Kb)05/24/08 (249 Kb)
08/30/08 (266 Kb)08/30/08 (251 Kb)
not yet02/06/09 (42 Kb)
05/23/09 (274 Kb)05/23/09 (258 Kb)
06/13/09 (275 Kb)06/13/09 (264 Kb)
not yet07/31/11 (197 Kb)
not yet9/24/11 (188 Kb)
7/21/12 (164KB)not yet

Annual Reports
06/16/07 (27 Kb)
06/05/09 (236 Kb)

08/27/11 Open House poster (401 Kb)

Miscellaneous Documents
09/02/06 Altering Commons (22 Kb Word .doc)
9/14/06 Long Range Plans (41 Kb Word .doc)
9/1/07 Long Range Plans (42 Kb Word .doc)
05/09/08 Operating Rules & Regs (30 Kb Word .doc)

We also have a Yahoo Group for the SugarSpringsAirstrip. To be complete, here's a Sugar Springs alternative voice for the Sugar Springs community (generally displeased with the governance back in 2007).

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