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Hello! We are the Mojave Robotics team!

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FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Robotics is a non-profit organization that helps and encourages students to excel in areas including math, science, and engineering, and invention. Every year, FIRST sets up a competition in which teams from high schools around the nation compete. "The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams of students and their mentors to solve a common problem in a six-week timeframe using a standard 'kit of parts' and a common set of rules." ( During these six weeks, teams work with engineers, mentors, teachers, and fellow students to build a robot that will be entered in a competition created by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers. Teams can win for many things other than just racking up the points. FIRST puts a great emphasis on gracious professionalism and team spirit. Gracious professionalism is "learning and competing like crazy, but treating one another with respect and kindness in the process". ( The FIRST competition shows students that modern technological areas have many opportunities available to those willing to work hard and achieve goals while maintaining integrity.


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Here are some details about who Team 1641 is, and what we do. A big change for our web page in 2006 is that we adopted Wiki technology for collaboration and documenting what we've done. Time flies in the midst of build season, so everything is not updated yet on the web page. Even during off season, we continue to add material and coordinate social events, so if you live in the local area, please consider joining us.

Here's the official version of what we do, lifted from the FIRST Robotics web page:

"The FIRST Robotics Competition is an exciting, multinational competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. The program is a life-changing, career-molding experience�and a lot of fun. In 2006, the competition will reach over 28,000 high-school-aged young people on over 1,125 teams in 33 regional events. Our teams came from Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Israel, Mexico, the U.K., and almost every U.S. state. The competitions are high-tech spectator sporting events, the result of lots of focused brainstorming, real-world teamwork, dedicated mentoring, project timelines, and deadlines."

In our case, the "young people" are mostly high school students, although we're interested in including other clubs, individuals, home schoolers, etc. We've taken the name of the city where we attend High School, and enjoy the mix of aerospace firms clustered in the area.

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