We don't do what we do by ourselves!
There are many people and organizations that help us wih our vision of learning technology, engineering professionalism, team spirit, and how to stay up late at night without becoming grumpy!

This page lists the sponsors who have helped us in some way with money, or material, or time. If you're on this list, THANK YOU! Please send us a sticker or company logo or just your signature with a big black marker. We'd like to put it on our robot to let others know of your support and maybe motivate other to also help in whatever way they can.

We would like to give thanks to our sponsors:

Airway Transport
Angel Velazquez II of PPG Aerospace
Avtel Services, Inc.
Connie Biehl
Cornelius Jackson Hall
Harold Ackeret
High Desert Belt Buckles
Jim Hoffman
Lancaster Flooring
Lockheed Martin
Michael Ellison
Michelle Behrens of Rocket Boosters
Mikey Matzek
Mojave Desert Bank
Mojave Desert News
Mojave High School (2005, 2006)
NASA (2005)
We're Team #40 that received a $5000 NASA Grant
Nathan Cook of Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB
Northrop Grumman (2006)
Paula Loehrer
PPG Aerospace
Scaled Composites
Stafford Construction
T.A.C. Construction
Tierra del Sol Village (2005)
Trish Loehrer

Robert G. Thomason of Avtel Services
Stan Stawski of Scaled Composites
Steve Losey of Scaled Composites
Susan Hansen
Team #702 Bagel Bytes
Team #399 Eagle Robotics at Lancaster High School


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