We use all sorts of tools. Mostly the mentors and parents have allowed us to use theirs, but we'd like to obtain some items that are more unique or difficult to transport. We have room to house about 4 or 5 more work station, free-standing tools. Nearby at the high school, we have a fairly well equiped wood shop available to us, so most of those tools are already available. Here's what we could immediately use:

  • An air compressor capable of about 110 psi and 12-14 CFM. We have facilities to install a big "permanent" tank and compressor, and we have the parent and mentor help to install it.
  • Various hand air tools - cutter, grinder, air blower, 2 drills. ( Why 2 drills?! We work our 20' x 40' MojaveRoboticsWorkShop? with about 6 different "work center". tables. You have no idea how often we hear, "Hey, who has the air drill? Can I use it over here?" )
  • Metal lathe. A small 1' length, 1' diameter throw lathe would take care of many of our needs. The largest item we might have made this year if we had a large lathe is the critial ball-basket load bearing races. That was about 20" in diameter, so bigger is better.
  • Other tools (section to be expanded as we have time)


We work on the robots every day after school and most of the day on Saturday. Each evening between about 5:30 and 6:00 pm we get really hungry! We're looking for restuarants or catering firms to help us out by trading dinner for a chance to see a motivated group of young folks accomplishing cool things.

So far, team member parents have been the largest contributor in this area. If you are a parent, please consider helping in this way. Some days we eat tacos. Some days, beef stew. Whatever you can provide, we'd really appreciate.

If you're a food establishment owner or manager, please contact our team captain, or a Mojave HIgh School faculty member or Principal. They can get you aimed toward the right logistical coordination person.

Transportation & Fuel

If you own a gas station between Mojave and San Jose, or Mojave and Las Vegas, we could use any direct donation of fuel you might provide. Our caravan of 2 or 3 vehicles will pull in and you'll meet the team and see all of our support equipment we trailer to the competition. (The actual robot itself has to be shipped to meet competition rules).

If you have a large van available in or near Mojave, can we use it to travel to San Jose and Las Vegas? Time period is the middle weekend of March and the last weekend of March (rolling into April).


Multiply $100 per night (more in Las Vegas) times the kids and chaparones attending the competitions times 4 nights — you'll see the lodging cost is probably our most expensive outlay after the regional competition registration fees. If you own a hotel chain, or can influence the cost of our hotel, we would sure appreciate your assistance obtaining inexpensive lodging!


It costs $5000 each year to register for a regional competition. This year (2006) we've decided to attend two regionals in order to 1) get better enjoyment out of the all the long hours we put in during build season (6 weeks ending February 21st), and 2) give us a better chance to rank high enough to attend the National competition in April.

We'll be traveling to San Jose and Las Vegas. After the registration fees, the most notable cost is lodging and transportation for about 10 team members and half as many adult chaparones and mentors. The number of people that get to go is directly dependent on how big our bank account is when we make reservations.

Typical budget for each competition:


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