what we've done this year

After a rough start our team got rolling about two weeks before build season started. Due to an unfortunate closing of the motorsports team we inherited their building. We quickly turned a garage into our MojaveRoboticsFacilitiesAndTools. The challange turned out to be the most sophisticated game FIRST has come out with.

We carefully thought out a schedual, two weeks of designing, three weeks of building and one week of testing. Thanks to Mr. Nathan C., Community Outreach Engineer, we learned to first decide what we wanted the robot to do and then how we wanted the robot to do it. Part of designing the robot was coming up with a full scale, operational, mock-up robot. We got the full scale part, but it ended up being only partially operational because of time restraints.

The build portion of the schedual actually started earlier than planned because we realized with all of the cure periods for composite material would limit us. The advanced composite material was a new experience, something the students would never have the chance to learn without this program. Last year, as rookies, we were even the only robotics team to use composites. This year our entire robot is created from composits. This would not be possible with out the help of Steve L. and Zach R., both of Scaled Composites.

As we now near the end of our build season and are putting the finishing touches on our robot the testing portion has become the point of focus. I hope it works!

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