We operate out of a building that used to be an drive-through auto mechanics training facility. We stripped it down to a concrete floor, 2x4s on the wall, and roof rafters. For two weeks prior to the 2006 build season, students and mentors cleaned it out, re-installed insulation and vapor barrier on the walls and cielings, welded shelving supports, installed ventillation fans, and painted the floor with a durable workshop epoxy paint.

At this point, we took a picture of our new pride and joy.


That's all we had when build season started! While initial prototypes of the robot were being built, all the other facilities were added. Most notably,
  • Fluorescent lighting over all the work stations
  • Portable and permanent work table surfaces. Some are sturdy for construction activities, and some are large flat faux-epoxy surfaces that are excellent for laying up composite structures.
  • A donated drill press, and borrowed air pressure system
  • Storage cabinets and shelving units
  • Computer and CAD plotting equipment
  • Epoxy and resin measuring and mixing station
  • Sealed off the eastern drive through barn door with insulated, wood-framed hinged doors (still removable in case we ever want to get a BIG robot through the easter wall!)
Here's the result, with activity in the middle of Week 3 of the six week build season.


Right about that time, we were disrupted by a turn-over in High School faculty, and we lost all our administrative and computer programming and storage space. So... EVERYTHING moved into our shop. The electronics and computer programming station took up a spot toward the western barn door in order to stay "upwind" of the exhausted chemicals, resins, dust, filings, and saw shrapnel and we squeezed in one more work table.

Fortunately, we're in southern California. After school, even in February, it's often up to 70 degrees or so, so we work with the western door open. Reminiscent of Thomas Edison or Nicola Tesla!

Mojave High School Robotics WorkshopImage

Nicola Tesla's Colorado Springs workshop

Thomas Edison's Fort Meyers workshop

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