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BAAs (Broad Area Announcements)

"Requirements. Requirements. Who has the requirements?"
I've found success following around the trail of several organizations. The following is admittedly Air Force Centric. Please add your own favorite location to find traceable requirements to feed into acquisition programs and funding priorities:

Air Force TENCAP - from their website, "TENCAP uses a rapid-prototyping capability to conduct operational concept demonstrations with prototypes in the field within two years." From the National Security Space Roadmap. Provides rather detailed programmatic and technical detail on at least 7 TENCAP programs. July 1998.

Additional Reading

  1. Test & Evaluation Infrastructure State of Affairs - Secretary of Defense "State of the Union" discussion of T&E by Philip E. Coyle, June 2000. This study precipitated DETEC #1. Slide presentation (600 kb) is available in the Wikilint Test & Evaluation File Gallery.
  2. Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, & Logistics Life Cycle Management Framework wall chart, available from the Defense Acquistion University web site or the Wikilint file gallery.

Recurring Funding Sources

Targets Management Initiative, proposals due every January.

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