HPM Funding Around the Nation

10/20064.1MDHSRaytheon will demonstrate suitability of HPM airport defense system to defeat shoulder launch missiles. Raytheon News Release
3/200624MAFRLEight contractors will identify potential electronic threats and develop solutions to defend against high-power electromagnetic weapons. AFMC News Release
11/200612.5MAFRL11/06-11/11. IDIQ, $527K obligated, testing aircraft against EMP and HPM. Original Defense Industry Daily story appears to be removed from public access.
1/200865-70MAFRLDevelop HPM weapons.
8/20087.4MNavy NAWCL-3 to develop state of the art EMP pulser.
11/2010230KAir ForceLockheed microwave weapon concept design onto RQ-170 RPA.
12/2010150KAFRL KirtlandBAE will test digital electronics susceptibility to build BDA models. HPM BDA remains one of the unique challenges.

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