The SBIR program funds Innovative Research toward commercial products. If you'd like additional help doing SBIR grants, or an independent review of your work, feel free to contact me. Many government agencies manage distribution of SBIR funds.

The DoD SBIR Resource Website has many pages of information. Choose the Awards Search icon, specify the Topic Number (such as 2001-273), and poke the Search button.

AF01-273 - Chamber Characterization / RAM HPM Characterization
Voss Scientific6/01-6/07$1,754,589Phase IPhase II
Remcon6/01-12/06$1,646,919Phase IPhase IIImpact Story

AF05-320 Solicitation 5.1 - Satchel Instrumentation For Flight Test
Creare5/05-9/08$691,454Phase IPhase IISummary Report
Kutta Consulting5/05-8/08$717,424Phase IPhase IISummary Report
Rain Mountain Systems5/05-2/06$100,000Phase In/aSummary Report

AF05-310 Solicitation 5.1 - Multi-wavelength Scene Generation
Nova Spectra, Inc.5/05-2/06$100,000Phase In/aSummary Report
Optron Systems, Inc.5/05-7/08$699,961Phase IPhase IISummary Report

AF05-313 Solicitation 5.1 - Open-Air HEL Range Monitoring
Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.5/05-2/06$689,305Phase IPhase IISummary Report
Sensing Strategies, Inc.5/05-10/08$1,104,838Phase IPhase IISummary Report

AF06-311 Solicitation 6.1 - Non-hardened Directed Energy Targets
Physical Science Inc5/06-2/07$99,923Phase In/anot yet

AF06-312 Solicitation 6.1 - Threshold Protection of Range Sensors
New Span Optics5/06-2/07$849,997Phase IPhase II1/2010 - optical material onto sapphire substrates and submitted to AF labs for optical characterization.
Kent Optronics Inc5/06-2/07$844,968Phase IPhase IInot yet

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