eBay Alternatives

Things have kind of gotten out of control now that eBay requires electronic payment after they bought Paypal. It isn't like the eBay of old. By requiring the Business or Premier Paypal account, they force me to pay commission on even transactions that have nothing to do with auctions! Instead, I want only a Personal eBay account with no transaction costs.

As of March 2008, selling on eBay costs:
  • eBay Fees
    • 8.75% final value fee
    • $0.10 insertion fee
  • Paypal Fees
    • 2.9%+$0.30 (also imposed on all non-eBay transactions).
  • Total cost: 11.65% + $0.40.
I've started accumulated links to alternate auction places. Currently, I'm trying out eBid, which seems to allow a straight 3% commission, or subscription service.

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