Renewable Energy Smoke and Mirror Bookkeeping - Double Leverage My Child’s Future

Co-blogged on 9/15/09.

For years, our nation has been going into debt. It’s a parent’s way to be selfish and get what they want, at the expense of our children when they have to pay off the bill or suffer at the hands of foreign investors who then control our nation. BTW, already China is winning with economic might what they dare not win with military might.

I’ve noticed a new paradigm change since the current president came into office. He started the new paradigm by talking about jobs. Historically, people have claimed the program they do creates or looses so many jobs. Those have always been measurable numbers that can be checked. Now, the president has slipped in the phrase that he is saving jobs. In other words, if you ~didn’t~ have me as president, you would lose even more. And viola! This is a claim that can be compared to nothing to check it’s validity! Although there are job gain/loss numbers, there is no “saved jobs” number published by a government audit agency. It’s a figment of someone’s imagination based on crystal ball estimates of the future, and can be claimed to be anything.

Then today, I got an electric bill in the mail. And the new sneaky way of quoting un-checkable future numbers has been adopted. My bill ADDS a $2.50 “renewable energy development charge” and at the same time says “renewable energy will avoid $3.90 in coal costs” and cause me to “save $2.92 each month”. Eeee gads!!! So BILL me $2.50 more, and SAY it’s saving me $6.82. What a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

And when the rosy predictions don’t pan out, who remembers what was said? Can my children come back in time after our generation and hold them accountable? No. It’s the untraceable lie — or at least an untraceable fabrication or sloppiness. In any case, I don’t like this new paradigm of quoting future numbers with no way to be held accountable.

Hmm.. actually as I think about it, our children DO have a way of holding us accountable. New health care bills have this funny concept about mandatory briefing to the older folks about how to get ready to die because you’ve been cut off from health care. If you no longer help fund the nation, and you cost too much, then “Good-bye”, sorry to see you go! Did you have burial expense insurance?

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