From the beginning, a standard microphone setting and frequency range should be selected for SampleRecording. We have selected a microphone placement based upon the length of the USB cable connector. The microphone is set eight inches off the sample floor as measured by a simple string attached to the edge of the floor. This simple metric reliably sets the mic in a predictable location. At this time, camera location does not seem to impact DataAnalysis?; what is more important in the aural recording is the direction the dancer faces as samples are evalulated or recorded.

Lighting has become a challenge. Downlights create a shadow which intereferes with the ability of students to "see" the strike point of their tap. The typical black tap shoe with black dance pant does not assist the visual assessment.

The CourseSyllabus should be written to include a dress code calling for open ankles and/or colored pants - basically anything that contrasts with the black shoes.

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