I launched into the recording of samples only with a working understanding of how I wanted to actually record the data. At the time this seemed sufficient, I was intellectually engaged with the process of "reading" and "translating" the data to students in a way that was meaningful and carried the possibility to communicate change. So my initial baselines are not as tight as they could or should be. Baselines should be recorded as part of the UsersProtocol? and must be carefully structured for meaningful access. The following Baseline structure is my current recommendation:

1. Develop a written list of the rudiments or phrases to be recorded for a particular session.

2. Introduce these rudiments to the student emphasizing that this is not a "test" or "performance" but only a record of "how" they are currently working. I have found that because this is a Differential Learning Lab, the students are already interested in making change.

3. Ask students to face the lab director and not biofeedback data during the lab. Most students instinctively turn to assess their work. Many reminders are necessary. Blocking the image from projecting to the wall would solve this problem, but part of the goal with lab is to create an environment where students need to tune and be focused with their work. So the discipline begins with keeping this simple request.

4. Prior to lab, develop a RecordingProtocol?. For rudiments the following steps produced predictably useable data: A. Begin recording on the Right foot, B. Present x repetitions of the same rudiment, C. Wait four metronome beats - 8 if the student is struggling, D. Begin recording the same rudiment on the Left foot, E. Repeat the same process.

The execution of this process must also be controlled as much as possible at the point of contact. There are minor variations in the sonic response of the individual wooden floor slats. Given that rudiments are measuring the most basic of sound production, it is helpful to isolate the location of the contact. Singles, Doubles and Triples should be perfromed in the center of of a given floor slat.

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