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Test Activities

In order to conduct a test three items must be addressed
  1. There must be a item to test
  2. There must be a test resource that is used to conduct the test
  3. And there must be procedures or a process to implement the test
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This Test Management Resource is structured to provide information and guidance in each of these three main areas. This section focuses on the test procedures ecessary to accomplish a test and is not system/facility specific. The initial entry points are related to the major steps involved with testing: Planning, Provisioning, Executing, Analysis, Reporting.

The planning page provides links to initial planning information or detailed planning nformation as required.

Test Methods

Software Tools

Bibliography / Additional Reading

  1. Interactive and Background Test Point Collection - Not written yet, will include concepts coming out of the SBIR SIS research.
  2. Modeling and Simulation Creates Test Points - An opinion on the "Modeling and Simulation Dragon" which is starting to levy test activities instead of provide a lower cost alternative. November 2005.
  3. Test & Evaluation Infrastructure State of Affairs - Secretary of Defense "State of the Union" discussion of T&E by Philip E. Coyle, June 2000. This study precipitated DETEC #1. Slide presentation (600 kb) is available in the Wikilint Test & Evaluation File Gallery.

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