MacOSX 10.6 Hints

Disable internet connections on your PowerBook? Internet
Sat, Jun 9 2001 at 11:14AM PDT • Contributed by: WillS
Tip: How to easily keep your Powerbook from trying to connect to internet when on the road and off line.

Go to Network panel in System Prefs, Under the 'Locations' popup, select 'Edit Location'. Duplicate any existing location, and rename it something like 'Off-line'. Now disable each type of network service - and Save. Now you can switch easily at any time from the new 'Apple' menu's location sub-menu. When you select your new 'Off-line' location, your Powerbook will not keep trying to connect to internet.

For us Windows users, how to rename a file in the Finder.
Click once on the name. Click a second time. The name will highlight in blue and you can edit.

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