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Volmer VJ-22 Sportsman


Home page has multiple areas of information:
  • Construction Methods
  • Plans and Info Packets
  • Photo Gallery
  • News Forum
  • Specifications
New Contact Information spring 2014:
Darrell Whiteaker
Volmer Club of America
10223 Cherry Croft Dr
Yucaipa, CA 92399
volmerclubofamerica at

(Old Contact Information)
Volmer Club of America
Box 206
Litchfield OH 44253
Telephone: 504-436-6248
Email: rjaflys at


YouTube VJ-22. Bright yellow (unknown registration) taxies up on the beach with tri-blade prop pusher configuration.
YouTube VJ-22. C-FDUC tractor flight test, gear collapses on landing.
YouTube VJ-22. C-FDUC tractor flight test, gear does not collapse on landing.
The Volmer VJ-22 Homebuilt Amphibian. New Zealand water takeoff and grass ops with music. 4:05
Flying the Volmer Amphibian in New Zealand, multiple water ops, and light narration. 7:37
Yellow N4984N, Palm City Florida, landing, taxi, landing, beaching, 1:31
White w/Green N???, grass to water taxi, takeoff, landing, water to ramp taxi, 1:59
Grey w/yellow C-FDUC, gear up onto grass, 1:47
Yellow w/Red ZK-CTY, New Zealand, narrated flight, cockpit video, landing, takeoff, beaching, 12:46

Internet Articles

"Flying the Volmer VJ-22 Homebuilt Amphibian" by Written by Ngatea, June 2009. Available also at local wikilint page VolmerNgatea.
"Randy Hebron's Subaru-powered VJ-22" by Anthony J. Liberatore, in EAA Experimenter, 2011.
"Randy Hebron’s EJ-22 Subaru Powered Volmer Amphibian" by Anthony Liberatore, CONTACT! Magazine, Issue 90.
"Rob German in Sport Flying" (pdf file) by Rob German. Sport Flying, Autumn 2009. Available also in wikilint file gallery, or text without graphics in the Wikilint page VolmerRobGerman.
"A Classic Homebuilt Amphibian" by Bill McCarrel. Water Flying Annual 1994/2008. Available also at local wikilint page VolmerBillMcCarrel
"Volmer VJ-22 Sportsman" on Wikipedia.

For Sale

2/22/2010 $4,900 Project on wheels.
3/22/2011 $21,900 Totally operational and functional.
4/2/2011 $5,853.14 Aircraft Spruce wood kit. Plus tax plus shipping.

Discussion Groups

Delphi Discussion Forum
Yahoo Volmer Group (mostly dead, 13 members, spam messages)
Yahoo VJ22 Group (non-hyphenated, older, less popular, 52 members)
Yahoo VJ-22 Group (hyphenated, more popular, 111 members)

Personal Construction Pages

EAA Jerry Adams Project. Montreal, Canada.
Dave & Carol Fletcher, C-GHTY
Darrell Whiteaker. Yucaipa, California.
Also see construction pages listed in homebuilt aircraft comparison table.

Year Month Page Magazine Article
2003 02 25 Sport Aviation Volmer Club Acquires VJ-22 Plans (1/4 pg)
2001 10 98 Sport Aviation Russell Paschke's Vollmer Amphibian (photo & caption)
2000 08 86 Sport Aviation Stevens VJ-22, O-235, Warp Drive prop (photo & caption only)
94 08 37 Experimenter Homer Clark Refurbishes Volmer Jensen Sportsman
91 05 C Experimenter Sportsman - Volmer, Dwyer VJ-22 w/290
91 05 C Experimenter Volmer Sportsman - Dwyer VJ-22 with 290
77 06 67 Sport Aviation Volmer Sportsman - To Oshkosh By Volmer
75 04 29 Sport Aviation Volmer Sportsman - Insights of Volmer Builder
72 06 46 Sport Aviation Volmer Sportsman
71 02 27 Sport Aviation Volmer Sportsman
71 02 43 Sport Aviation Volmer Sportsman
68 10 23 Sport Aviation Watersport
68 09 20 Sport Aviation SPORTSMANSHIP (& page 26)
67 10 41 Sport Aviation Volmer - 1 piece plexiglas windshield
67 05 14 Sport Aviation Volmer - A Young American
65 05 14 Sport Aviation Volmer - My Modified Volmer
65 01 37 Sport Aviation Volmer - Sportsman Fuselage Cradle
62 11 17 Sport Aviation Volmer - Homebuilt Amphibian
61 02 04 Sport Aviation Volmer "Sportsman" Evolution of the Sportsman

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