Statistics are used to influence people in a lot of ways. It always frustrates me when I see carelessness, ignorance, or intentional deceipt. This page is a collection of ignoble favorites.

WW-II Air Raid Casualties (quoted from an Air Force OPSEC newsletter)

In the six months from May to November, 1940, the RAF had killed 975 German civilians in air raids over Germany. At the same time, road accidents in Germany had killed 1,845 persons (maybe we should have loaded our bombers with cars instead of bombs). German air raids on Britain for the same period killed around 15,000 people

Comments: I agree with the articles ironic humor. Death totals mean nothing unless compared to something. During some of the recent overseas combats, when we quoted 10s or even 100s of soldiers dying, it was statistically safer to be in the war, because more people died at home due to all the normal reasons.

Women & Web Surfing

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