I received a URL link to a video showing a stunt pilot loosing a wing in flight and then safely landing the airplane. Snopes does an authenticity analysis, and I've heard some technical analysis of flight details.

My input? Notice the lost wing changes from right to left to right during the course of the video. Or.. more precisely, the fuselage of the aircraft is inverted in the middle section of the video.

Look at the right to left pass, when the black/yellow underside of the wing is visible, just before the pilot does a Split-S back to the right for a landing. Notice the wheels are up in the air while you see the bottom of the wing. Video frame grab is shown below. The canopy bump is also visible on the down-side of the fuselage while you can see the underside of the wing, even more so as the plan progresses toward the left side of the screen in the video.

frame grab from videoFrame grab from hoax video

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