These "Sound Bite Study Guides" are released under the "Sound Bite Study Guide" trademark, representing the copyrighted work resulting from a unique method of studying for exams. They are created by studying pools of possible written questions published by the FAA. I like the ASA published version because they list the question, followed by a textual explanation of which answer they've chosen (the FAA doesn't publish answers). Every time I got a wrong answer, I recorded the question stub and the correct answer as a "sound bite" below. As the material accumulated, I repeatedly reviewed each line while covering the answer part with a 3x5 card. When I could get them all correct, I went and took the written. I obtained scores of 100%, 94%, 100%, and 97%. The method works!

A lot of your study will be Federal Aviation Regulations. If you'd like to ponder a simpler world, consider the 1945 version of these regulations - a whopping 24 pages. You can download a copy from my Increa Aviation web page.

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