Acronyms are when you make a new word out of the first letter of other words.
Pilots use them a lot to remember required checklist actions.
Here are a few of my favorites.

NEWS - Before departing on an instrument flight plan
  • Navaids - Set and know the first change
  • Emergency - what are you going to do with performance or control failure?
  • Winds & Weather - legal for fuel mins, return to airport, affect on departure plan
  • SID - verbally review the departure profile

  • Weather - get it, understand it, apply it
  • Holding - plan your entry, get clearance for, with ETA departing
  • Obtain approach clearance - don't descend until you get this
  • Letdown review - do this again, altitudes, and headings
  • Descent check - aircraft specific
  • Speeds - for each segment of approach, down to runway threshold

TTT,TTT - Entering holding or passing the FAF
  • Time - hack your time for go around or minutes in outbound holding
  • Turn - turn heading to intercept course (roughly correct)
  • Throttle - adjust throttle from cruise or for descent
  • Twist - set the desired course in the navaid
  • Track - track to the desired course, considering winds
  • Talk - announce FAF or Holding to ATC

LIDS - Departing the holding fix, or cleared for an instrument approach
  • Localizer - Tune, Identify, and Monitor the ILS, LOC, NDB, whatever
  • Inbound Course - Set the dial
  • DME - Memorize the DME of the Final Approach Fix, step downs, and the go-around point, as appropriate
  • SID - Standard Instrument Departure or other go-around procedures in the clouds or rejected landing

C-GUMPS - In the pattern, on base, or cleared landing if not prior
  • Carb heat On
  • Gas selected on the proper tank
  • Undercarriage - gear DOWN
  • Mixture - rich
  • Propellor - full forward, climb setting
  • Seat belts

CBSITCAL - In a sailplane prior to telling the tow pilot I'm ready,
  • Controls - make sure controls are free and correct
  • Ballast - check gross weight and fore/aft limits
  • Seatbelts - secured (PAX, too)
  • Instruments - altimeter shows field elevation, airspeed and VVI show zero
  • Trim - positioned for takeoff, know where landing setting is
  • Canopy - locked closed (PAX, too)
  • Airbrakes - locked down
  • Lookout - pattern clear of other aircraft, weather clear

SCWAAA - Entering traffic pattern altitude with a glider
  • Seatbelts - fastened/secured
  • Clearing for other aircraft
  • Winds and weather - affect on patter and approach and landing
  • Airbrakes - check that they work symmetrically
  • Aimpoint - where are you taking the plane?
  • Airspeed - what final approach airspeed, given conditions?

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