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Here's why I am switching sales to Google Base and other places instead of eBay.
  1. eBay is turning into a service-bloated manufacturer-based store front; it's become hostile toward individual sellers.
  2. Souped up, extra cost features that bury my ads if I don't pay for them.
  3. I want a clean search engine that will expose my items if someone searches for them.
  4. Paypal was great until eBay bought them.  Then eBay forced me use only Paypal BUSINESS or PREMIUM account.  Do you know what that means? A mandatory percentage charge for every paypal transaction (not just eBay or auction sales, but everything).  Plus a legal issues (Privacy Act, Identity Theft) distinguishing between the value of a Paypal account and the account itself.  Paypal gets it very wrong - ask if you're interested.
  5. The eBay input interface has gotten fancy, java gooped up, and pages long.
  6. Google Base lets me enter items in a spreadsheet in the comfort of my own home, and then I just upload the spreadsheet.  Google does the rest.
  7. If you track your items with the spreadsheet and upload the spreadsheet, then I get to make a web page sell page for each item that says whatever I want. Once I get it right, I use my own web page as a template and just make detail changes.
  8. If you do manual inputs, Google makes an attractive auto-web page.
  9. There is no cost to listing on Google Base.
  10. Years ago eBay inappropriately made me bid against myself to raise the price I had to pay.  After a YEAR of trying to work them to return a small amount of money, I joined a legal case against them and recovered enough to buy a laptop computer.  They are not responsive to individuals.


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